CintasMany products are manufactured in large series and the production processes request that they are conveyed or handled in a non-stop flow, in process lines. For that purpose, bands or conveyor belts are supposed to have a number of requirements: A low friction coefficient, capacity to stand high temperatures, ressistance to aggressive chemical products, high ressistance to traction, and impossibility to allow bacteria generation.

PTFE coated fabrics provide a solution to these problems. Its use has spread to different sectors such as packaging, food, aerospace, plastics, tissues, printing, textile, etc. and the conveyor belts have been adapted to each of those needs.

Nowadays there is a great number of industrial processes which require PTFE coated conveyor belts. Such belts are of the most varied designs, both in complexity as well as in their components or dimensions.

Industrial processes in general have the aim of large series production and handling, and therefore reliability and durability are as important as the physical features of the conveyor belts themselves.

TejidoThere is a great variety of fabrics and, amazingly, only a few answer to all market needs. SEAL PRODUCTOS SL, based on its experience in the different sectors of application, has selected such fabrics in order to be able to offer only high quality and reliable solutions.

What really makes SEAL PRODUCTOS SL different from others is the the well done work. The result is the high quality and durability of its belts. These outputs can be noticed in:

  • Side reinforcements, either joined, sewed with PTFE high ressistance thread, using kevlar or even with simpler traction ressistent materials.
  • Side guidings, either mechanical, welded, sewed, etc.
  • Joints: With a unique and guaranteed welding process or with continous fabric (without joint) in small belts. Or with castell type joints in large belts, in order to guarantee an adequate flexibility.
  • Cut and stamp: By means of laser or pneumatic stamp press, thus assuring the cut perfection and with the possibility of making complex forms.

SEAL offers a variety of products, both in standard sizes and also designed as per customers requirements.